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Ariadne is an award winning film that is in one word pure "Art". It is a full cinematic experience from begining to end. Full of symbolism, emotion, and passion. The narrative is extremely strong, with a story that has roots in Greek mythology. The film takes this base and builds upon it to tell an innovative and amazing tale. The strength of this film is found within its heart, which beats the story of the complexities of human emotions. Brought to life by an amazing cast whos deep connections to their characters is evident in ever frame. Dustin Ardine's extrodinary award winning performace in the film is aided even more by the actors physical metamorphesus that he undertook for this role.  

All the actors performances are match by the impact of the naked dialogue, stripped of rhetoric and accessories. The film mainly communicates with bodies and spaces. The courage of the directorial ideas mixed with the courageousness of the cast impose a brute strength to the overall total effectivness of the film. The film comes to life thanks to the faces and interpretations of the actors, evidently in tune with the sense of the work. Films like this should be the films that all movie lovers seek out to experience. 

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