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Set in 2255, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Dustin Ardine's "Ashes" showcases a world where only a few of us are left after a war of hatred has ravaged the land. Where the social organization is back to the formation of tribes. This idea transporting the old worlds into the far future, as we see the world regress back to the aborigine days, is what makes Dustin Ardine’s film extremely engaging. The opening montage gave us very high expectations for this film, that were in fact, fulfilled. 

The narrative story focuses on a few remaining survivors as they try to exist as the world we once knew is long gone. Mankinds barbarian behaviors in the attempt for survival have overtaken that of reason and thought. This film makes us think about who we are, who we once were, and more importantly where we are going as a society in a fascinating, and logical way. This short movie is absolutely amazing.

Mixed with a great cast, including Dustin Ardine himself, this short is terrifying while at the same time very optimistic, horrible while at the same time beautiful. We highly recommend this film. The overall perspective is astonishing, and the direction is expertly carried out. 

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