The Doors Between us

Promotional Review

If you are a big fan of psychological, suspenseful and tense movies with themes like memory loss, kidnapping, amnesia, and confined spaces, while simultaneously being a big fan of goofy comedies mixed with a plethora of wacky nonsensical characters then we are a certain you should give "The Doors Between Us" a chance.  Janky Jank’s first feature film is an example of the artistic freedoms independent film can give to the artists, doing things that would never fly in main stream media. 

When eight strangers are wake up locked inside a mysterious house with no memory of who they are, paranoia takes old. So too does the hilarity. Filmed in black and white in and a score that would make Alfred Hitchcock proud. The ominous setting and music blend seamlessly with the oddball characters that would make John Waters proud. The only short falls to this feature would be some minor script issues and some unfortunate casting choices. However, if your looking for some silly creepy for the film delivers. 

As their own tag line perfectly sums up the film is "a surreal midnight comedy trapped inside the strangest book Stephen King never wrote"

Written by A. Perkins 

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