follow the arrow

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In 'Follow the Arrow', or "Suivez La Fleche" its French title, director Marc Saez takes us on an incredible journey of life imitating art imitating life. This award winning film takes a story that all of us have heard and completely reinvents the genre in an absolutely astonishing way. 

The film follows Sonya, portrayed superbly in an award winning performance, by Veronique Picciotto, as who's reality is turned upside down as she begins to experience deja vu while visiting an art gallery. The more she is memorized by artwork, the more it is clear that something more is happening under the surface.  The story is told in a phenomenal way through a mixture of flashbacks and a preponderance of exposition, with a twist ending you will not see coming. 

This film is truly beautiful to see and the type of film that independent filming standards should live up to. The talent of the full cast and crew shines through on every frame. 'Follow the Arrow' is a true short film cinematic experience, one that should be made into a full fledged feature film.   

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