role of a lifetime

Promotional Review

The 'The Role of a Lifetime' is a French short dramatic thriller in which director Marc Saez takes us on a journey of deep personal revenge that asks the questions; where is our breaking point? How far would we go to settle the score? How do we move forward when we have truly had enough? 

The film follows Elle, a talented hard working and passionate actress, portrayed brilliantly by Veronique Picciotto, who takes her career very seriously and who has finally been pushed passed her breaking point. Set out for revenge against those in power who only see her as a sexual object rather than a talented artist. 

The film although short at just under 15 mins shows us exactly what a beautifully crafted story, full of complex and well thought out characters, made by a hard working and passion team can truly bring to the audience. Set in a location befitting the film and grim which represents the antagonist of the piece. The cinematography is beautiful as to is the score. 'The Role of a Lifetime' is a true short film cinematic experience.   

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