Our Services

Dreamachine Productions, LLC provides the following professional services:

•Development deals of film ideas through creating a professional script with an investor deck. Development may also include pitching development package (prepare script/ script doctoring & investor deck, attaching name celebrities on projects, attaching name crew on projects). *CLIENT MUST PAY UPFRONT DEVELOPMENT FEE TO DREAMACHINE PRODUCTIONS, LLC TO GET STARTED*

•Professional production services provided by our team including: pre-production, production, and post-production services with union crew and cast options, luxury locations, soundstages, camera & lighting equipment available for feature film, short film, commercial, and music video productions. 

•Co-Production: Dreamachine Productions, LLC can provide our production resources to clients for a co-production. Dreamachine Productions, LLC is not an equity investor and does not invest money into projects. Dreamachine Productions, LLC will receive a “Produced By” credit in the production and be entitled to up to 50% equity from the producer’s unit. 

•Distribution: Dreamachine Productions, LLC has direct distribution contacts to get already completed projects distribution. Clients MUST PAY NON-REFUNDABLE FEE for Quality Control review of films. Films MUST PASS QUALITY CONTROL to qualify for distribution. Once projects pass the Quality Control review, Dreamachine Productions, LLC will option submitted films to our distirbutors. In every distribution deal we close, Dreamachine Productions, LLC will receive an “In Association With” credit in the film credits and be entitled to up to 10% equity from the producer’s unit.