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‘Sinners’ directed by Yuqing Lai is not the kind of short movie that we were expecting when we read the synopsis. Sinners is the story of the aftermath which follows after the a lifetime of stress and heartbreak. Heartbreak inflicted on you by your parents expectations of perfection. The heartbreak that can come from the loss of a love. The heartbreak that can come from looking at yourself in the mirror and truly hating who you see. For one those who have never felt these heartbreaks they may not understand the hurt or feeling of total isolation from the outside world. This is all very well shown in ‘Sinners’, and the insertion of flashbacks from "Happy older days" to present time, helps the story get depth and emotions. The story shows the idea that even one kind person in your life can make all the difference. Just one person who shows love, or compassion can turn your whole world around. 

The only main problem we spotted was the huge language barrier that is evident throughout the film to all cast members, which results in English subtitles throughout.  This heavy language barrier did make the film hard to sit through until the end, however if you can get through it, the film is very well worth it. 

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