The Confined

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'The Confined', takes us to an abandoned hospital with a dark history. The story although short shows us the power of film. Even in just under six minutes of actual screen time you can still tell a engaging story. We are reminded that true evil leaves a dark shadows behind. Shadows that if disturbed can come back to strike again. 

First of all, lets look at the positives of how this short was made. The cinematography is nice and beautiful, the score is good, the filming location was perfectly chosen for the story. The plot is good, but was a little campy and not always a hundred percent clear. There are some parts were done very well and show the dedication of the cast and crew while other parts felt rushed. 

The story while original does remind us of things we have seen a thousand times before, however the short is overall a well produced and directed film. We are glad to have been given the chance to watch this short. 'The Confined' is a short that is worth a viewing. 

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